Monday, May 2, 2016

6 months out--(no mass email)

No mass email this just a little bit of some of what he shared with us.

Well things are going good, skyping sunday. last week i was in The Cut with Elder Hurst. Ghetto Corpus. Found out that Katrina really moved a lot of people around!  The Cut is the projects/ghettoville part of Corpus

So the daily schedual for ya'alls:

6:30-arise workout for 30 mins
7:00-prep for day
8:00-personal study
9:00-Comp. study
10:00-Spanish study
11:00-lunch hour
12:00--9:00 proselytize, visit members, etc.
Mondays, Thurs, Sat, are in Corpus
Tues-Thurs are exchanges
Tues are district meeting days
Thurs/Sat Zone meeting, role plays, and activities in Corpus

Weather has been hot. 97degrees

I have learned in my sojourn here in Texas that Missionaries love deep doctrine and that the one third of souls are working hard against the saints here, we had to go bless a house the other day. I will write about that later but we got to go so I'll let y'all go.  Have a great week!

Elder Harker and Elder Sanchez -- with Sister Wagstaff

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