Friday, April 28, 2017

so no info (received 4/24/17)

well i forgot my camera and afew other stuff today but i have to duck out early so here is a little info
 got a hair cut on wed
played futbol and scored a quick hat-trick (one of those goals was a header)
went to a members house saturday and ate some fish
found 2 really cool investigators who came to church, they are the family castillo

More info next week

1.Who has been your favorite companion? Elder Randall and Piscione
2.What companion has helped you to grow as a missionary the most? Los Dos Randall y Piscione
3.What has been your favorite area? Laredo

the pics are of me and the fish and elder day with a weird facial expression

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

hey everyone (received 4/17/17)

So this week...
me with Elder Goff photo bombing
also I have lost 10 lbs in the last month!
MON- we played conch, it was fun, couldn't sneak a goal to save my life though
TUES- had an exchange with Elder Knutti, forgot my sketchbook at the church house during coordination, had brisket tacos at the Contreras house, and had district meeting

WED-ate Tacos de Caballo(horse tacos) at Taco 'n Madre, then went to the Carneceria(meat market) to see a potential investigator and we bought "Mango heat" mountain dew, it left a spicy after taste, it was good! worked on family history and reserved ordinances for 100 people today. Visited Kevin our investigator, helped him prepare for his baptism this sat.
THUR- Well got a blood test done, all of our appointments fell through and some kids tried to catch Elder Piscione in a pokeball. It his his nose and fell to the ground and broke while we were at a door contact. it was pretty funny! Turns out he's a pretty powerful Pokemon! knocked a good few doors
FRI- Visited the Oviedo family after weekly planning, trying to help them get to church, they had a new pet, a small turtle. Went by Kevin's house, he threw us a few curve ball questions but we got them out of the way
SAT- literally nothing happened till 8;30, we went door to door all day and didn't find one single person who would talk to us. had a lesson with the Antonio family and invited the dad whose less active to church.
SUN- Bro Antonio, Bro Colunga, and Kevin all came to church, we ate some carne asada with the Antonio's and visited Kevin, he's getting ready for his baptism

SUN/MON- woke up at 3am to the worst storm i even have seen, Laredo got wrecked. it was like a monsoon. I got like 4 hours of sleep

Well hope y'all had a great spiritual Pascua

(Easter). Remember the Sacrifice Christ gave so that we all too could live again!

well see y'all next week

the turtle, mango heat, and me with Elder Goff photo bombing
i also have lost 10 lbs in the last month!

Monday, April 10, 2017

hey yall (received 4/10)

So this week
MON- well i found a piece of home, so the Mexican hot chocolate my family loves usually comes in the form of a solid block of the stuff, now i found it in syrup form!
TUES- not much happened knocked doors looked for less actives and found Tere and Javier near the la Familia Rangel's house. Javier is an atheist and really was interested on what we had to teach.
WED- Saw a brand new cherry red corvette today while out knocking, down here it doesn't matter how grundgy your property looks its all in the car you drive! the average car down here is a dodge charger, Camero ZL1, etc. Had a lesson with the Martinez-Mercado family on the Plan of Salvation it was awesome!
THURS- went to the bml's house and he gave us some cookies which were super good, until we found out the recipe called for 1 LB OF STRAIGHT UP LARD. then we went to visit La familia Oviedo and when we got there they invited us to come inside cause their son was home. then we realized their son WAS HOME! HE had been stuck in Nuevo Laredo for the last 9 months and finally got back to his family.
FRI- so all day until like 6 or 7 was dead. when its too hot to do anything outside missionary work slows down. but we found Jessica, and Jesus. We went by Tere from Tuesday and when we got to her house we saw they had an entire taqeria(mexican restaurante) on their front door, all of a sudden this lady offered to pay for us(we weren't even gunna get anything we had no cash and $1 tacos are still too expensive for us, we found out she lived in our area and she accepted an appointment with us to teach her and her fam. super good tacos and chile(salsa)  steak tacos with cilantro and onions!
SAT-kinda of crazy was on an exchange with Elder Sierra and Goff at different points of the day, visited Javier and taught him the plan of salvation and invited him to church, nobody new was found even with all the grinding we been doing. hard a harder part of the day and got a blessing from Piscione, that helped
SUN- well at church we got Sis Ortiz confirmed as well as her grandson Kevin was at church we have been teaching him a little bit lately. as well as Javier he came and really liked it he told us he had also prayed for the first time in years!!!! he also said he was coming to church again!! later that night Kevin asked when the next baptismal service would be as well super cooolll!!!!!!!

well as always if y'all have any questions just email them to me, i'm not the best at letter writing... or even talking for that matter so ask away hope y'all had a great week and i still encourage you to keep looking over conference here---

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Picture Editing fun by Mama Harker

hey everyone POKY TEMPLE!!! YAA (received 4/3)

POKY, Temple was FINALLY announced lets GOOOO!!!!!!
I had a little heart attack when that was announced in General conference yesterday. I'm pretty sure the people of Pocatello are all having a good time getting ready for it

sooo this week was soo crazy I had little time to write the week's events in my planner for my email format so I'll try my best. 
MON-scrounged our apartment for food, end of month no money probs
TUES-visited Sis Pantoja and had a coordination with Presidente Garcia, saw a road runner today too, it was cool! was on an exchange with Elder Day from Vegas
picture posted on the TMM facebook page
by the member that fed them
WED-worked on our Spanish as a zone, visited our inv. named Myra and the Gonzales family right after that, visited with the Oviedo family who are returning to activity. Sis Oviedo works in a bodega and said she would hook us up with ties😎👔 and then we went to the church house for the baptismal interview of Hna. Ortiz one of the investigators we recently received when our areas switched. then we ran around trying to get to our last appointment of the day, got there and had a good time with the Macias family
THURS-well knocked doors for most of the day went by some of our potential investigators in the end of the day we found Juan Carlos!
FRI-we had a surprise all the District leaders and Zone leaders went to a big meeting in McAllen today so I was in charge of a trio for the day, did our weekly planning by myself as well as tried to lead Elders Goff and Keck during the day. it was rather boring not much stuff happened. 
SAT-General Conference was awesome but nobody we had ready to come turned up at the church. went to priesthood session and had pizza and ice cream with the other priesthood holders
SUN- President Monson gave the best talk ever to be given in conference it was about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon. He reiterated what we have been teaching the Martinez family, about how we receive blessing from reading the Book of Mormon. As well as his announcement of the Pocatello, Idaho Temple 
Now after conference on Sunday we had the baptism of Sis. Ortiz she had been having a lot of health problems earlier in the week but she still pressed forward in faith and was baptized with proper authority.

The Prophets talk   is the link to what he said in General Conference  I'm glad Poky is getting a temple now on to McAllen for her much needed temple 

hope y'all read or watch general conference soon much of the revelation from God given happens after the actual conference!
"Heaven will not be heavenly, for those who have not chosen to BE heavenly"
- Prof. Brad Wilcox

Elder HarKer loves mail!
send to:
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Hey y'all--received 3/27

So this week... 
Elder Harker and Elder Piscione
MON- we got news our area was expanding... and it did it doubled in size... we are still on bikes, the other elders moved out and turns out me and Piscione are staying together! for a total of 6 months in Laredo for me over my mission by the end of this transfer
TUES- moved the Elders McNab and Goff into our apartment, knocked doors met the sister of a recent convert named Greg, her Name is Sarah. 
WED-Had Zone meeting, met all the new peeps, knocked doors, worked with Hno. Gonzales and he opened up about the hard times hes having and how we could help him out, then went to coordination for English branch which actually happened!
THURS-did service for Hna. Serna, went to the BML house to eat. Turns out he was a professional chef and cooked for a King of Saudi Arabia once. Then had an exchange with Elder Sierra in his new area... we knocked doors the rest of the night, met a crazy lady who tried to bash.
FRI-well we had splits with the Elder quorum planned but only 2 people showed so we just went out to find less actives, found one family, had to go to a lesson. had to call in order for them to open their gate(everyone has gates down here) and found out we didn't have the phone. so the Sister let us in the gate by a miracle she saw us on the security cam. and let us in, gave her a blessing set a baptism goal for Saturday with her mom. left for home met Hno. Cantu in the parking lot, who handed us some food(barbacoa tacos =cow tongue and face) and got the car to go find the phone found it where we thought it was by a miracle and made it back home!
SAT- visited a few peeps, went to a new restaurant "taco mais" three tacos for under 3 bucks! and then knocked doors and visited Sis. Antonio.
SUN-Went to church, had Hna Sernas mom in assitencia and then some stuff came up after church which was difficult and then we went to the Antonio house where they fed us Carne asada, super good

see y'all next week!