Monday, April 3, 2017

Hey y'all--received 3/27

So this week... 
Elder Harker and Elder Piscione
MON- we got news our area was expanding... and it did it doubled in size... we are still on bikes, the other elders moved out and turns out me and Piscione are staying together! for a total of 6 months in Laredo for me over my mission by the end of this transfer
TUES- moved the Elders McNab and Goff into our apartment, knocked doors met the sister of a recent convert named Greg, her Name is Sarah. 
WED-Had Zone meeting, met all the new peeps, knocked doors, worked with Hno. Gonzales and he opened up about the hard times hes having and how we could help him out, then went to coordination for English branch which actually happened!
THURS-did service for Hna. Serna, went to the BML house to eat. Turns out he was a professional chef and cooked for a King of Saudi Arabia once. Then had an exchange with Elder Sierra in his new area... we knocked doors the rest of the night, met a crazy lady who tried to bash.
FRI-well we had splits with the Elder quorum planned but only 2 people showed so we just went out to find less actives, found one family, had to go to a lesson. had to call in order for them to open their gate(everyone has gates down here) and found out we didn't have the phone. so the Sister let us in the gate by a miracle she saw us on the security cam. and let us in, gave her a blessing set a baptism goal for Saturday with her mom. left for home met Hno. Cantu in the parking lot, who handed us some food(barbacoa tacos =cow tongue and face) and got the car to go find the phone found it where we thought it was by a miracle and made it back home!
SAT- visited a few peeps, went to a new restaurant "taco mais" three tacos for under 3 bucks! and then knocked doors and visited Sis. Antonio.
SUN-Went to church, had Hna Sernas mom in assitencia and then some stuff came up after church which was difficult and then we went to the Antonio house where they fed us Carne asada, super good

see y'all next week!

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