Monday, April 10, 2017

hey yall (received 4/10)

So this week
MON- well i found a piece of home, so the Mexican hot chocolate my family loves usually comes in the form of a solid block of the stuff, now i found it in syrup form!
TUES- not much happened knocked doors looked for less actives and found Tere and Javier near the la Familia Rangel's house. Javier is an atheist and really was interested on what we had to teach.
WED- Saw a brand new cherry red corvette today while out knocking, down here it doesn't matter how grundgy your property looks its all in the car you drive! the average car down here is a dodge charger, Camero ZL1, etc. Had a lesson with the Martinez-Mercado family on the Plan of Salvation it was awesome!
THURS- went to the bml's house and he gave us some cookies which were super good, until we found out the recipe called for 1 LB OF STRAIGHT UP LARD. then we went to visit La familia Oviedo and when we got there they invited us to come inside cause their son was home. then we realized their son WAS HOME! HE had been stuck in Nuevo Laredo for the last 9 months and finally got back to his family.
FRI- so all day until like 6 or 7 was dead. when its too hot to do anything outside missionary work slows down. but we found Jessica, and Jesus. We went by Tere from Tuesday and when we got to her house we saw they had an entire taqeria(mexican restaurante) on their front door, all of a sudden this lady offered to pay for us(we weren't even gunna get anything we had no cash and $1 tacos are still too expensive for us, we found out she lived in our area and she accepted an appointment with us to teach her and her fam. super good tacos and chile(salsa)  steak tacos with cilantro and onions!
SAT-kinda of crazy was on an exchange with Elder Sierra and Goff at different points of the day, visited Javier and taught him the plan of salvation and invited him to church, nobody new was found even with all the grinding we been doing. hard a harder part of the day and got a blessing from Piscione, that helped
SUN- well at church we got Sis Ortiz confirmed as well as her grandson Kevin was at church we have been teaching him a little bit lately. as well as Javier he came and really liked it he told us he had also prayed for the first time in years!!!! he also said he was coming to church again!! later that night Kevin asked when the next baptismal service would be as well super cooolll!!!!!!!

well as always if y'all have any questions just email them to me, i'm not the best at letter writing... or even talking for that matter so ask away hope y'all had a great week and i still encourage you to keep looking over conference here---

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