Tuesday, April 18, 2017

hey everyone (received 4/17/17)

So this week...
me with Elder Goff photo bombing
also I have lost 10 lbs in the last month!
MON- we played conch, it was fun, couldn't sneak a goal to save my life though
TUES- had an exchange with Elder Knutti, forgot my sketchbook at the church house during coordination, had brisket tacos at the Contreras house, and had district meeting

WED-ate Tacos de Caballo(horse tacos) at Taco 'n Madre, then went to the Carneceria(meat market) to see a potential investigator and we bought "Mango heat" mountain dew, it left a spicy after taste, it was good! worked on family history and reserved ordinances for 100 people today. Visited Kevin our investigator, helped him prepare for his baptism this sat.
THUR- Well got a blood test done, all of our appointments fell through and some kids tried to catch Elder Piscione in a pokeball. It his his nose and fell to the ground and broke while we were at a door contact. it was pretty funny! Turns out he's a pretty powerful Pokemon! knocked a good few doors
FRI- Visited the Oviedo family after weekly planning, trying to help them get to church, they had a new pet, a small turtle. Went by Kevin's house, he threw us a few curve ball questions but we got them out of the way
SAT- literally nothing happened till 8;30, we went door to door all day and didn't find one single person who would talk to us. had a lesson with the Antonio family and invited the dad whose less active to church.
SUN- Bro Antonio, Bro Colunga, and Kevin all came to church, we ate some carne asada with the Antonio's and visited Kevin, he's getting ready for his baptism

SUN/MON- woke up at 3am to the worst storm i even have seen, Laredo got wrecked. it was like a monsoon. I got like 4 hours of sleep

Well hope y'all had a great spiritual Pascua

(Easter). Remember the Sacrifice Christ gave so that we all too could live again!

well see y'all next week

the turtle, mango heat, and me with Elder Goff photo bombing
i also have lost 10 lbs in the last month!

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