Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Just found out from Sister Hewitt that Elder Harker is in Portland, Texas....near Corpus Christi.  Right on the Gulf.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Goodbye to The Streets of Laredo (received 1/25/16)

***side note: had some issues with our emails from Jesh this week.  I found out from other parents that the email system was operating a little screwy down in McAllen on Monday.

Well transfers are here and everyone said, "oh your not going anywhere your so new!" 

Little did they know I'm the only one leaving out of my district (Which I called by the way) and I have no idea who my next companion will be, generally you find out but the Zone leaders just said my companion is TBA which is just soooo lovely. 

Kinda bummed cause I kinda like Laredo and working here is super fun! But oh well.  I don't get to keep working with Elder Acosta which stinks because were super good friends. 

me and Elder Padron 
But ya, this week we worked with Ernesto and his family.  His dad just died and he's wanted to start coming back to church.  His dad was 71 and his little sister is 15 so its a pretty cool family.  His dad was a lawyer and politician for the Republican Party, and he married Ernesto's mom who only speaks Spanish.  So ya we've helped that family a whole bunch since.  Ernesto was in charge of the funeral which was on Friday

We have also been working with Marisa our new convert and trying to get her daughter to find time to meet with us but everyone super busy down here. 

Well I'll try and upload some pics and I'll let everyone know where I am next week!
-Elder HarKer

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weekly email (received 1/19/16)

Hello everybody sorry email didnt get out til today, so this week we worked super hard talked to some of our investigators up untill church started and we had a less active member come to church and a part member family came to the English ward/branch. Its pretty awesome to get to know them they are super cool but right now things haven't been going well cause their dad has recently passed so we have been helping them out a whole lot, P-day was pretty fun we played football and rugby with President Lavulavu and then we all went out to eat, go grocery shopping etc. but this week was super fun even though some days we were so busy with other stuff we didnt get work done. we do get to hang with our mission President on Thursday, and tomorrow we have a small inetercambio going on and for tomorrow ill be working with Elder Young my District Leader. well till next week 
-Elder HarKer
A picture of the humidity here in Texas

pictures of some giant candy i bought, a waterfoul of somekind we found dead, and a pic of us in Sheila the Van (a.k.a.) The Mormon Assault Vehicle   

Monday, January 11, 2016

Texas week 4. Received 1/11/16

so we had transferes this week for two days, i went with Elder Gifford who lives in the apartment. hes cool but was way different than acosta, We never have any referalls to people who may benefit from our message because when we ask people if there is they never know any of their neighbors, its frustrating but oh well, after that we found two families who seemed interested so we set up appointments to meet with them later today, we confirmed Johnathan a member of the church this sunday, Acosta wondered if i wanted to do the confirmation so he asked me and i said yes, So i did it, in spanish which was super hard. We had dinner last night at President Lavu-Lavus house and we learned i went to school with his cousin Candice Manu, the Manu family in Poky are his cousins so that was cool to know. I found a cool buck knife on sale that i am thinkin about buying but idk its 80bucks but buck knives are expensive. But ya the week went by super fast though, we never rerally go to teach a whole lot of people but we did find a guy named Adam and he was playing some Rush songs in his garage so we went over and talked to him and he was like super excited to talk with us. we noticed he had a big brick wall around his house and he said that he had a dream that before Christ came on the earth again that a flood of terrists and cartel mexicans came over the border and started wreaking havok and he said that after that he stated getting ready for the second coming so we decided to schedual an appointment with him later this week. it was a cool week but i left my camera at the house so no pictures this week and next week ill be emailing on tuesday or something so till then -Elder HarKer 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week of The rain (sent 1/4/16)

So I learned this week that south Texans are wimps when it comes to a little cold weather and rain. Nobody comes to church, doors are locked tight, and the packed streets are empty.  No matter though, the New Years Eve party was fun, we went to Pres. Solis' house and watched "The Polar Express" in his trophy room.  

We found a friend(Laredo el perrito) in the mud Saturday night and brought him home and gave him to a family with a whole bunch of kids.  Sunday none of the investigators we invited to church showed up but nobody was hardly at church so it wasn't surprising.  Culture is different when it comes to weather that is for sure.  
I did acuire out of a junk tie box at $100 or so $. 
I saw the words "Bond Street" and I was like "it's mine!" Our mission is very big on ties.  I know next to nothing but I'm learning. 
Our convert Johnathin is getting confirmed this next Sunday, he came late this Sunday and so missed his confirmation but with the times for the branches changing a lot of people came late. I got kinda freaked cause Acosta said I was to confirm him... in Spanish. I mean I am getting Spanish down and I got the baptismal prayer down obviously, but it'll take time to practice how to do a confirmation prayer. Oh well, the down sides of a bilingual mission, gotta speak English, Spanish, and Tex/Mex. 
Well hopefully the weather will be nicer this week hope all ya have a good week and a happy new year.  
-Elder HarKer

My companion was not feeling well on Friday so we stayed home and I drew this.