Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Goodbye to The Streets of Laredo (received 1/25/16)

***side note: had some issues with our emails from Jesh this week.  I found out from other parents that the email system was operating a little screwy down in McAllen on Monday.

Well transfers are here and everyone said, "oh your not going anywhere your so new!" 

Little did they know I'm the only one leaving out of my district (Which I called by the way) and I have no idea who my next companion will be, generally you find out but the Zone leaders just said my companion is TBA which is just soooo lovely. 

Kinda bummed cause I kinda like Laredo and working here is super fun! But oh well.  I don't get to keep working with Elder Acosta which stinks because were super good friends. 

me and Elder Padron 
But ya, this week we worked with Ernesto and his family.  His dad just died and he's wanted to start coming back to church.  His dad was 71 and his little sister is 15 so its a pretty cool family.  His dad was a lawyer and politician for the Republican Party, and he married Ernesto's mom who only speaks Spanish.  So ya we've helped that family a whole bunch since.  Ernesto was in charge of the funeral which was on Friday

We have also been working with Marisa our new convert and trying to get her daughter to find time to meet with us but everyone super busy down here. 

Well I'll try and upload some pics and I'll let everyone know where I am next week!
-Elder HarKer

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