Monday, January 11, 2016

Texas week 4. Received 1/11/16

so we had transferes this week for two days, i went with Elder Gifford who lives in the apartment. hes cool but was way different than acosta, We never have any referalls to people who may benefit from our message because when we ask people if there is they never know any of their neighbors, its frustrating but oh well, after that we found two families who seemed interested so we set up appointments to meet with them later today, we confirmed Johnathan a member of the church this sunday, Acosta wondered if i wanted to do the confirmation so he asked me and i said yes, So i did it, in spanish which was super hard. We had dinner last night at President Lavu-Lavus house and we learned i went to school with his cousin Candice Manu, the Manu family in Poky are his cousins so that was cool to know. I found a cool buck knife on sale that i am thinkin about buying but idk its 80bucks but buck knives are expensive. But ya the week went by super fast though, we never rerally go to teach a whole lot of people but we did find a guy named Adam and he was playing some Rush songs in his garage so we went over and talked to him and he was like super excited to talk with us. we noticed he had a big brick wall around his house and he said that he had a dream that before Christ came on the earth again that a flood of terrists and cartel mexicans came over the border and started wreaking havok and he said that after that he stated getting ready for the second coming so we decided to schedual an appointment with him later this week. it was a cool week but i left my camera at the house so no pictures this week and next week ill be emailing on tuesday or something so till then -Elder HarKer 

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