Monday, January 4, 2016

Week of The rain (sent 1/4/16)

So I learned this week that south Texans are wimps when it comes to a little cold weather and rain. Nobody comes to church, doors are locked tight, and the packed streets are empty.  No matter though, the New Years Eve party was fun, we went to Pres. Solis' house and watched "The Polar Express" in his trophy room.  

We found a friend(Laredo el perrito) in the mud Saturday night and brought him home and gave him to a family with a whole bunch of kids.  Sunday none of the investigators we invited to church showed up but nobody was hardly at church so it wasn't surprising.  Culture is different when it comes to weather that is for sure.  
I did acuire out of a junk tie box at $100 or so $. 
I saw the words "Bond Street" and I was like "it's mine!" Our mission is very big on ties.  I know next to nothing but I'm learning. 
Our convert Johnathin is getting confirmed this next Sunday, he came late this Sunday and so missed his confirmation but with the times for the branches changing a lot of people came late. I got kinda freaked cause Acosta said I was to confirm him... in Spanish. I mean I am getting Spanish down and I got the baptismal prayer down obviously, but it'll take time to practice how to do a confirmation prayer. Oh well, the down sides of a bilingual mission, gotta speak English, Spanish, and Tex/Mex. 
Well hopefully the weather will be nicer this week hope all ya have a good week and a happy new year.  
-Elder HarKer

My companion was not feeling well on Friday so we stayed home and I drew this. 

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