Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hey y'all (received 7/10/17)

Hey everyone so this week
Mon- had Carne asada tacos at the Nocelo house, showed the Gallegos family the Restoration video with the fam Piña

Tues- the La Vista Sisters had a baptism, we helped with prep, had district meeting, had pizza for the 4th, and burgers with the Polendo fam. went to teach English class but nobody came so we studied Spanish

Wed- dropped the car of at the paint and body shop to get some dents fixed, visited the Gallegos, Taught Joel Cervantes and started planning his baptism for the 16th

Thurs- Leadership conferences started so I was on an exchange with Elder Taylor all day, taught the Gallegos family the Restoration again with the Piñas again. most all apts fell through.

Fri- still with Elder Taylor went to teach the Cervantes at 4pm they were late getting home after teaching them the other elders picked us up and dropped us off and we got to teach Hno. Perales. hes an investigator, I taught his sister and met his parents in Edinburg.

Sat- helped with a priesthood activity, they made Posole, taught the Cervantes again,
we showed a pic of the families baptism and everyone was wearing white, and we asked him what he saw and he replied "all my family dressed in white.. except me" and then his mom asked "whys that" and he said "cause I wasn't big enough" and then he was like "but now I'm ready" it was cool
​    ...​
everything else fell through.

Sun- Had church most of our less actives we have been working with were at church, worked a bit in Alamo not much else happened.

​ope y'all have a great week!​

"Heaven will not be heavenly, for those who have not chosen to BE heavenly"
- Prof. Brad Wilcox

Elder HarKer
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Hey (received 7/3/17)

Mon-played "#mudconch" soccer in the mud and I got a box from my folks!
Tues had interviews with Pres. visited the Gallegos family just about have taught them everything! taught English class
Wed- set a baptismal date with Joel Cervantes(july 15), his family is trying to reactivate, had ward coordination, and visited Jaime Rdgz and taught the word of wisdom
Thurs-Taught the Gallegos about fasting, they are going to fast this weekend, visited sis santos and moved some stuff to the garbage for her, and visited bro Navarro who is less active
Fri- ran 2 hours late today due to other people being late, traffic and travel, visited the Aleman family and the Nocelo family who are less actives
Sat- found out one of the recent converts got kicked out of his house with his cell phone line cut. don't know where he is.. gave a blessing to the Hno. Escobar, and found a bad cavity... great. 
Sun- not much but the Nocelo, Cervantes, Aleman, and Navarro families all came to church, all the members of the families it was awesome!!!
Hope y'all have a great week!

"Heaven will not be heavenly, for those who have not chosen to BE heavenly"
- Prof. Brad Wilcox

Elder HarKer
200 W. La Vista Ave.
McAllen, TX 78501

the other Elder Harker's mom posted some pics of the mudconch game so the pics are attached even tho our own Elder Harker is the one taking the pics...just so ya'alls can see what the game looks like.  As for why Elder Harker wasn't playing...pump safety...he needs keep his pump dry so he kept his playing to a minimal.
Elder Harker was behind the camera for these pics, his current companion, Elder Fielden is to the left of the elder in the orange shirt

Elder David Harker is the one with the ball

Monday, June 26, 2017

mass email (received 6/26/17)

Mon- we went to the major outlet mall on p-day. too expensive to pay for stuff I don't need
Tues-Taught the English class the Elder and Sister Hunt
WED had meetings most of the day, all apts fell through but one taught the Gallegos family about the Law of Chasity, the dad loved it!
Thurs- Taught the Gallegos fam the Word of Wisdom, they were down to live the commandment
Fri- so starting to run out of miles for the month, tracted a lot, visited the Cervantes and Hna Garcia
Sat- tracted and toward the end of the day had dinner with the Cavasos fam. They made us brisquet asada
Sun- Bro Cervantes came to church, found out on of the young womens best friend is on of the Gallegos fam so that was cool

Been really busy today is rather hectic so I'll fill you in next week, hope y'all have an awesome week!

Picture of a tiny dog for my little sister

shaved my mustache

planner covers

pic of the thermometer in our car of the heat

this last week (received 6/19/17)

So the week before got kinda crazy I didn't have much time to write but pretty much the biggest point of last week was the Mission President of Reynosa came to the office with his assistentes and they were constantly talking to us as we went about our work and then after a rather too lengthy of a conversation we had to leave, I'm pretty sure they thought we were the assistants to Pres. Torres but no that's the other Elder Harker. 
This week
Mon-went to academy found some cool stuff, my lil sis is now 17💀I'm old...
Tues- Went to transfers(we both stayed) to give some stuff to other missionaries and then went out to teach, we had our first English class, it went well
Wed-had district meeting, all appts fell through
Thurs-Sis Horgesheimer was sick so we had to help them out with car checks, we taught a bunch today and while on the way to an apptment we found a hyper friendly huskydog. it found some tall grass and got lost from us playin in the grass.
FRi- Elder Fielden Birthday, all apts fell through and at the end of the day we knocked a door, it opened and the families dog ran out and started fighting a dog that had been following us. the whole family ran out and separated the two, the families dog lost and had some good bite marks in its ear but it was fine, we taught the family the restoration!
Sat-apparently found out that the first presidency sent a letter to the members of Reynosa to help them stay strong during all that's going on over there, the letter focused on keeping the commandments especially the word of wisdom and Law of chastity
Sun- The Gallegos family we have been teaching all came to church and accepted a baptismal date for July 15!

 I don't have much time right now but hope y'all have a great week!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Sup Everyone (received June 5)

Hey y'all so this week

MON-Well told y'all about the Gatorade bottle that wrecked our kitchen
TUES- ran 2 hours late for district meeting, had a farewell to sister Schikendanz, went on exchanges with Elder Taylor, biked to Alamo and back, got chased by Rudy a big German Shepard
WED- finished the exchange, biked from Edinburg to Pharr, visited a part member family, la familia G____
THURS- found some Names with Hno. V______ it was soooo easy to find them AWESOME, found an investigator for the sisters named Joey, visited the C_____ fam. 
FRI- Did the family History activity we planned, wasn't as successful as hoped for. visited brother J________
SAT- the sisters had baptismal interview we had to do, took a while, then visited the R_____ family with Bishop Trevino 
SUN, the sisters investigator got baptized, said goodbye to my friend oscar escobar, he is leaving for his mission on Wed., found names with Bro Flores

​Hope y'all have a great week​

"Heaven will not be heavenly, for those who have not chosen to BE heavenly"
- Prof. Brad Wilcox

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a somewhat blurry Elder Harker at Zone conference in May 2017
posted by President Torres

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mass email (received 5/30)

Hey y'all don't have much time we got district meeting with the sisters and then exchanges with the Zone leaders for the next three days so cutting things short. 
Mon- found out a tornado went through Laredo, the coolest past was that there was a lot of "destruccion" from what the person said. Pres. Torres had everyone in Laredo inside from mon and tues. 
Tues- had zone conference, visited a member and she killed one of her chickens to bake for us. rode bikes around, got chased by a pack of dogs. visited some potential investigators the V_____ family 
Wed- had district meeting, visited a former and taught the family the restoration. visited the C_____ family.  lots of things fell through.
Thurs- better today, stuff kept falling through. tried to find new people to teach just talking with everyone(sooo hard to do in English much less Spanish) and found out when we had to pick up something from the store that missionaries can't talk to people at the store so they kicked us out before we could get anything. after that the day all fell into place and ended up good. rode in a members mustang.
Fri- the day was one of the hardest in my mission not an single thing was able to be scheduled. lots of trying to find people to talk to
Sat- got ready for a talk I was assigned to give on Sunday, visited Giovanni and his grandma they were a referral, helped the R____ family with fam hist. talk to a drunk dude who had half his hand falling off. he cussed us out in Spanish. then we talked to some white people(so weird) and then a lesbian couple. that was a weird 20 minutes. 
Sun- gave my talk on keeping the Sabbath day holy and then after church we went to the C________ house. they made us carne asada for memorial day
Yesterday, so we were cleaning the apt and found baking soda and vinegar, decided to put the vinegar into saran wrap and put the packet into a Powerade bottle to see if it would explode the cap off. the delayed reaction did, and shot out of Fielden's hands and sprayed his face and torso with vinegar foam. so we did it again, but this time the reaction was really delayed so we put it on the counter, left to the store and came back and realized the whole house reeked of vinegar and we were like wow that stuff is strong them we realized there was a large spray mark on the ceiling above the counter. and so basically sometime while we were gone the reaction went and the bottle expanded so much the bottom gave way creating a baking soda powered rocket which sprayed everything in a 10 ft radius and send the bottle crashing into the ceiling. so that was a fun experience as well  as we went to Edinburg to my old area yesterday. 

us and the sisters with district hats​
Sis Schickendanz, Horgesheimer, Elder Harker and Fielden

Elder Fielden and Elder Harker

"Heaven will not be heavenly, for those who have not chosen to BE heavenly"
- Prof. Brad Wilcox

Elder HarKer loves mail!
send to:
200 W. La Vista Ave.
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Monday, May 22, 2017

the last two weeks (received 5/22//17)

so heres  2 weeks ago

Mon- ate macaroni salad for the first time in forever and i still gotta say its really gross! Mayo is gross en general but still really gross.
Tues-Visited the E______ family and Esmeralda our investigator.
Wed-Did Family History with Bro. F______, he talked about the all the scars he has and apparently someone ran him over. couldn't understand if it was on purpose or not. as well we did family history with la familia J_______. 
Thurs-Had lunch with the stake president, visited the Navarro family trying to help the dad to reactivate
Fri- Found the De La Cerda family whos daughter is a less active member, they are cool. helped sis N_____ make a plan to quit smoking
Sat-Did our own fam hist, had a meeting about the wards recent convert temple trip we are trying to plan. and we visited N________ again
Sun got to skype the fam, had a carne asada with the E______ fam.

This last week

Mon- got to go to the Pulga(Flea market) not impressed except they had a bunch fallow deer antlers
Tues- had district meeting with the sisters, helped Bro Flores with his fam. history, visited N________
Wed- spent the day in McAllen, did our own fam hist. visited the G_____ fam and bro G_____ decided its about time to be baptized!
Thursday- pretty much the same as above except we visited the C_______ family who have deactivated, and tried to help them echar las ganas to go back to church
Fri- Visited the A_____ family and had a lesson with the dad hes an old mexican cowboy, and then had a lesson with the Perez family 
Sat-cleaned the churchouse with bishop, visited sis h_________ she fed us carne asada tacos soooo good but sooooo much fat. especially when she sells it by the gallon for 75 cents at her store. set a baptismal date and marriage date with the E______ family finally
Sun- was in meetings all day, visited the E_______ and the R______ family who weren't at church.

Sorry if its not a whole lot of info i have not much time to write on mondays but im putting my best efforts forward.
hope yall have a great week

 when you texas truck is so lifted its taller than your house
spanish street signs
carne asada and topo sabores soda
my new planner cover, just needs color