Monday, July 11, 2016

no mass email this week 7/11/16

Elder Harker didn't send a mass email this week, but we did get an SD card in the mail today with a LOT of pictures on it...Here are just a few that have him in them.

 Also, the Texas McAllen Mission is having transfers this week, but we found out that Elder Harker is staying put in Portland for now.
"Staying in Portland! transfers came and Elder Madsen is leaving 6 more weeks of being in charge! at least we have some investigators! We have Loa and her 3 kids, the Sanchez family, and Ida Zapata who finally came to church after like years."
Elder Harker on July 1st

He bought himself a new set of scriptures,
smaller and more portable.

Elder Harker loves to draw and sketch

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