Monday, August 1, 2016

Birthday week

Hola y'all
So I'm sorry I haven't been sending out a mass email constantly the last few weeks have gotten crazy down here. well so in a nutshell we got a new mission president, President Torres from Honduras, I got a new comp here in Portland, he's a 220lbs MMA Champ known as Elder Randall and he is Awesome!!! We have been working so hard with the Ward and In a short while here Sister Zapata is going to be baptized, she has been coming to church with her husband who couldn't get himself up to get to church but he has been and its so exciting watching both of them change, we have been working with them for months, anyways I'll be emailing a lot better now things have gotten easier over here.
 Helloooo everyone so I had an awesome week, I went on an exchange in the last area I had yet to work in, Uni heights! 
I have now worked in all Elder areas and one sister(now elder) area! pretty cool I am the king of Corpus!  
I do have news I got stung by a bee Saturday and yesterday my knee was 2 sizes bigger than it should have been! It's better but I guess I have a minute allergy I guess.
and thanks for the birthday wishes!!

 So this week was super good, my birthday was fun, I got three Tommy's 1 from family, and 2 from elder Monett, I now have 2 quorums of tommy's!! And last night I finally had Posole. It was good but not much different from Taco soup, better than taco soup but not really different.

Two families sent us pictures of Jesh for his birthday.  The Gutierrez family took Elders Harker and Randall out for an early birthday dinner on Thursday.  They posted the pics on the mission facebook page.

Then the Flint family fed him on Friday night (his actual birthday) and texted me pics.  They said what good missionaries he and his companion are and they work hard and are good about following the mission rules.

 ***apparently there is a Mexican tradition called "la Mordida".  The birthday person gets there face shoved in the cake to have the first "bite" while everyone yells "mordida, mordida"

 have a great week yall!

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