Monday, November 28, 2016

Hey family (received 11/28/16)

Weekly highlights!
well I forgot my planner with this weeks episode written down but here we go
New Zone- we have a zone where I don't hardly know anyone in the mission... I'm old.
greenie- one greenie told me he watched my blog and loved it before the mission and said i was famous(which i already know) and he started complimenting me ... the curse of wide spread fame.
Ward dinner- We had the ward Pavo(turkey) dinner. I like Mexican turkey better. It's not so dry and bland as regular turkey.
Elizondos- talked to the Elizondos at the ward dinner, Hector and i talked about Call of Duty and i learned how to say stuff in Spanish like "ModernWarfare Dos!" and "tirar con un Ak fortysiete" Modern Warefare 2 and shoot an Ak47
Calling the Doctor- the next day I woke up with really bad pain in my abdomen, we monitored it and called Sis. Hewett, we were afraid that it was something wrong with the appendix but the whole day the pain stayed but no other symptoms came.
Sick- stayed the same the rest of the week, its a stomach virus
Bro. Rios- found a super cool less active who is really wanting to come back to church and bring his daughter, hes only like 26 but hey not a bad thing, we need more young blood here
still sick... ya...
Still need my routing number... cant pay fast offerings...

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