Thursday, August 3, 2017


its actually crazy this time. Basically around 1:30 on the 29th i began to feel a pain in my abdomen, this pain continued until i ended work and went home to rest, i went to the communist doctors office(urgent care) they did a blood test and it came back that i had 2 blood infections, they gave me a shot and sent me home. I got home had the worst night of sleep ever and went to church, then went back home for a good few hours then back to work. The mission nurse and my comp had me go to the doctors office(dr. Zavatela) and he took one look at the lab work and where the pain was and sent me to the E.R. after a C.T. scan the verdict was in i needed my appendix removed. SO they pumped me up with anesthesia and cut me open and used a robot to cut it out. Woke up and i was talking in Spanish asking about Los Tigres and Los Chivas(two rival mexican soccer teams) i was wheeled into a room and stayed there untill Aug 2, i hate hospitals. But it was really fun and interesting of an adventure! Well hope yall had a great week see you next monday

Monday being admitted to the hospital
with new companion Elder Batty

Ready for surgery

post surgery

post surgery and his bday
present was finally delivered

with President and Sister Torres

Wednesday Morning ready to go home

Wednesday lunch after being discharged 

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