Monday, March 28, 2016

Hello Everyone (3/28/16)

Well this Easter week was pretty crazy, after going on an exchange up to Rockport, i caught a cold, and so did my companion, right as all the members went to the ward campout up to Lake Texana. So the Devil was trying to Party down here. Not much happened we are still teaching Rockie and her husband and the family. They have all been sick on and off as well, we have been teaching them about the meaning of Easter and have been really bonding with the family. well i will have more to talk about next week! till then -Elder HarKer
P.S. Best wishes to the Elders and Sisters in the Paris, France Mission, Je me souviens!!!

The sweet Gutierrez family posted pics of Elders Harker and Packer.  The Gutierrez fam are from Sinton and came to either Portland or Corpus Cristi to find Elder Packer (He was part of their conversion last year)

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