Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Received 8/29/16 and 9/6/16

My first week in Edinburg East Area, well its all Spanish, and its a lot larger than Portland its a lot more like Chubbuck in terms of geography, in terms of culture, it's mexico... and we get Taco Palenque, Pizza Patron, and bodegas down here. Plus more missionaries-- twice as many missionaries in and around McAllen and Edinburg.

 My New comp in Elder McLaughlin from Bozeman Montana and we got a few many things in common! We love hunting and fishing, and all kinds of outdoor stuff! Anyways, so far teaching has been slow but yesterday after church we went to the Casa de Leon and ate Carne Asada with them, Sis Leon the Younger and I talked about Idaho cuz she went to BYU-I. and we said to her little sister we were going to have Carne Asada from her dos vacitas (2 calves).  They live out in the country.

 Oh Brother Palacios lit up when he heard I went to American Falls for school, his old area where he served his mission! so that's super cool and for the next few hours I live with Elder Peacock from utah, and Elder Nelson from I.F. 
2 Idaho boys in 1 apartment. funny the first groceries bought were Taters. anyways ill send more info and some pics next week. 

Hello everyone, its your favorite Elder here!
So I'm in Edinburg for those who haven't heard and I'm with our district leader Elder McLaughlin. 
We have been working super hard to get our "students" to church. we recently moved apartments too so finally I have all my clothes unpacked! took 2 weeks but I got it. I've had 30 mins each night to prepare for the next day cause I'm working as an assistant to the district leader and while the DL is taking care of the other guys I'm running our area which since I'm so new to the McAllen area, is tough. this has been one of the busiest transfers yet!
so here are some pictures before I get going.

We have been teaching a few families, we found a lady the other day and invited her to be baptized and she replied with"Claro!" (clearly) and that was super exciting we also found another Lady with her daughter and her daughter had already been to church before!!! that was super! 

Elder Harker with his comp, Mission President
and other missionaries

Blurry pic of:
Elder Harker & Elder Mclaughlin
Mission President Torres in the middle
other elders on the right side

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