Monday, February 6, 2017

hello (received 2/6/17)

so we have transfers today but no one has been notified of anything as of yet. so far folks as of late some have been wondering about the lack of info I give in my emails. and I have 2 explanations...
1) don't have it, we have been tracting all day everyday and have found no investigators who want us to return for a 2nd visit and the investigators we do have don't progress so we have to end teaching them. and to be frank there isn't much to say about tracting...
2) I have little time to email the mass email(its the lowest priority (President, family/friends, mass.)

so here's some other news, President allowed my Aunt and Uncle to come down from San Antone on Saturday

so this week has been pretty much the same, a lot of... no investigators. we have Jose who accepted a pamphlet and we are going by today at 6, other than that we been prepping the area for the change to the sisters. like pretty much... ya I have no ​idea what to say cause quite frankly not much been going on at all. Casey and Camille came down and bought us and lunch and got a new bike tube for me. but you kinda heard about that, haven't gotten calls about transfers yet... so ya... here are some pics

Laredo at night

At lunch with Uncle Casey and Aunt Camille

Elders Harker and Volcanes
with Uncle Casey and Aunt Camille
Stuffin' his face at Chili's

"Heaven will not be heavenly, for those who have not chosen to BE heavenly"
- Prof. Brad Wilcox

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