Tuesday, February 21, 2017

well crazy week (recveived 2/21/17)

well this week was crazy, so went on an exchange with Elder Canfield, realized my bike light was lost, haven't found it, then our last appointment we got attacked by a gross smelly chihuahua and he tried to take my ankle out. I shook him off and he 'bout got us again. never saw Elder Canfield run so fast, but that dog literally broke down a screen door to get to us. 
The next day, we were walking home when a giant dog comes running out of nowhere straight for us, so I got ready to fight like heck and stood there waiting for it and it 'bout hit me, I backed off whipped out my knife just in case he came at us again but he didn't. 

Had a few missionary meetings. hardly no meal appointments but an investigator of ours passed her baptismal interview! Jocelyn(9) wasn't able to be baptized but the branch pres got tired of waiting for her dad to shape up so he gave us the go ahead! so she'll be baptized the 4th of march
me and Elder Sheldon
 cooking some Carne asada on mesquite
Then right after a carne asada meal(tacos but with steak, chicken, sausage and chile on tortillas- Taco bell just cant compete with it)  appointment with her family it hit... thunder, lightning and buckets of rain... we were told to go home by Pres. so we got our bikes loaded 'em into Bro Antonio's truck and he took us home, almost got hit by a few cars. it was crazy we were soaked, and so was the camera.. still functions but the screen won't show anything so you don't know what your taking a picture of. It was a wall of water that hit the south, San Antonio has some crazier weather but it was sketchy. My bike survived but I have to go through and fix some things nothing too much. we all busted through the apt. door just soaked, one elder lost his tag, one lost his tie, it was hilarious... and then we couldn't use the dryer so ya it was crazy!  

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