Saturday, March 11, 2017

received 2/27

Hey everyone
So me and my comp are sick and I have recognized that I don't put a lot of detail in my email. Instead of giving lame excuses imma be straight up to y'all. Its something I need to work on in all aspects. Its generally not a super huge priority to me when I only have an hour most of the time less to use. 
I have an easier time when I have questions to base my email off of. I don't have much of those at all, if I were to receive some of those that would be amazing HINT HINT. 
Anyways I will attempt to do better but as I'm famous in the mission for being super chill ask a good question and get an amazing story. 
So far the mission is awesome and it the best time of my life even though we haven't been teaching much at all and not much happens other than tract its super fun. 
We found the M-M family last week after visiting their less active neighbors they weren't able to come to church however due to the lack of a "weekend" here um I spent all of yesterday in bed due to my illness got better today but still not feeling well. 
I actually this morning got a cd from my trainer(who has 3 weeks left) of "Scotlands Great Highland Bagpipes" by The Black Watch, Royal Scots Dragoon Guard and others its super good got a few old songs in there. 
no pictures yet as my camera didn't survive the storm last week but if all goes well we are having a baptism on Friday for Carlitos(8) and Jocelyn(10). um i have run out of time but if you have any questions email(or mail if your old fashioned😉) them to me and I will address them in my next email as best as I can.

the following pic was posted on the TMM Facebook page:
"Bien contentos mis misioneros después de la cena 😍😍 el miércoles pasado. .
Well happy my missionaries after dinner 😍😍 last Wednesday. ."
so as certain people have given their thoughts on my mass email skills here are the deets we live right across the street from a hooker, the people here dress horribly immodest, wake up at 2pm go to bed at 4am and are all blind bats so that's my vent of the day. 
and to answer preguntas of yours we have a car its a corolla, yes we have tiwi its annoying but mainly quiet. zls have trucks sisters have vans everyone else has a car. we only have a car to drive on p-days and to meetings and church. I'm doing well have been throwing up since yesterday(all of church I was miserable) we tract a lot. we are teaching one family the M-M family. the only prob with them is their dad drinks a ton and they all work on Sunday(Hispanic culture there is no week end just party all night and be miserable the next day) we are trying to find investigators but the ones we do find don't stick on for the second lesson. 
We have been working super hard so when people ask how I'm doing please explain we have had a big dry spell and there isn't much info. I'm alive I'm happy save the complaints on lack of info I can include more but like in true Jeshua fashion you have to ask good questions to get to the story. I just got a cd of Scottish military bagpipe songs though!

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