Monday, February 8, 2016

New Transfer (received 2/1/16)

So I've been sent to the "great white North" of the mission up to Corpus Christi Zone, in a town called Portland so if theres a hurricane me and Elder Packer and the sisters on North Padre Island will see it first, its cool cause we can see the bay from our apartment, and the USS Lexington is down the highway. We had a lesson with Bro. Evans who is a Vietnam vet, his office is my dream office, model planes everywhere, wwii/wwi and vietnam memorabilia everywhere, so it was super cool to meet him.
I don't have much time now but will send a better email with pics next week until then have a great week yall! 

THE STORY behind Elder Harker's first experience with transfers
so there is a video but I must tell you the story of the apostate transfer. 
So at transfers we were told Harker, Mason and Sis Christiansen were gunna get transferred, and they didn't tell us anything more which stunk.
So Monday night I packed and around 11pm they said I was getting picked up to go down to los presidentes in South Laredo for transfers at 2am and then on-wards.  I got ready showered and stuff and at 1am E. Mason picked me up and we met the sisters with Christiansen and with sister C in the truck and with all our stuff packed we went down to the South Laredo Chapel.  
Transfers get weird so its all not our fault. so we got lost on the way and eventually after a few calls got to the chapel at2:45am. Nobody was there so we called our Zone Leader, and he said call the south ZLs so we did and the conversation went 
"hey we're at the church I know were super late but where is everybody?"
"What? what are you doing at the church?"
"Transfers, we had transfers at 2 and its 2:45 and we just barely got here."
"Transfers are at 2 in the afternoon man"
"oh.... oopps"
so we all bust out laughing and then we realize. 
its 3am, we have two elders and a sister in a car in an empty parking lot at 3AM. which was authorized for 2pm but we realized that not only were we out past curfew but also Sis C. still had a companion, so we went back home to drop her off, well roads in Laredo are messed up BAD, we found the main road and we headed down it, a few minutes later we passed a sign that said "Now Leaving Laredo" so we did a movie style u turn and eventually found our way back to the correct road with the same name and dropped her off, but everyone laughed at us and the Zone leader was pretty embarrassed at his confusion of the times. so we never got to sleep really. so ya. 

ya. kinda been crazy whitewashin twice in a row as a greenie. been drawin ya Elder packers cool hes the apostles(late) Great,great nephew so he knew him. there is actually a lot more trees and we are in a van know so not as much biking. its a lot more like "second hand lions" Texas. 

we been trying to say "yall" with everyone. and we even had a baptism yesterday, a youngfamily too and we met with them and they were super ready, they got married last Friday which we got to go to and them and their fellowshippers(The Wier family) took us to Longhorn Steakhouse, they are super cool. sis Wier is a writer actually and i think ive seen one of her books even but I couldn't place where, its "Link" by Jennifer Wier. and then The Andersons,the Kinghorns,and the Egburt families are all from Poky!!!!!! What!!!!! 

and so ya no much work got done this week just gettin to know members so that was cool. we actually have food, there are so many members that we have food in the cupboards! we got the nicest apartment or one of them in the mission, its supposed to be a four-man but there is just the two of us.

Elder Harker, Victor and Marisa, Elder Packer

View of the Gulf from Jeshua's apartment in Portland, TX

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