Monday, February 8, 2016

received 2/8/16

USS Lexington, Corpus side
So this last week has been pretty crazy! We had zone transfers and i got assigned with Elder Gifford (Who lived in the Laredo Apt. with me) and so he and I got to work on Flour Bluff and we even went to North Padre Island the first night,
 So we got to go to Padre Island(North) for ward coordination, Elders aren't allowed to Pros. in South Padre Island(It's iniquitous there) so that was cool, and so we worked over there.
 it was pretty fun going to a new place, and so now I'm back in Portland.

Portland's awesome we had a baptism last week and a confirmation yesterday and this family is super awesome! Their names are Victor and Marissa, and i found out that my investigators (Isabell and Elsa) in Laredo are getting baptized!!!! So this was an awesome week! We have had a bunch of southern food and bbq and one of our new investigators offered us Tickets to Talledega(NASCAR) and the opportunity to meet some big drivers and the owner of the track. Too bad Alabama is out of our mission area! But ya a whole bunch of people down here are from Idaho which is cool!

Ive been Studying The Book of Mormon in English and Spanish side by side and its super how simple it is in Spanish, the eloquence is lost in translation so its a bit different to understand it but its super cool and easy to comprehend!
I'll send a whole bunch of pics. everyone have an awesome week! -Elder HarKer.  

P.S. We are practicing using the word "Ya'all" when talking to people.

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