Tuesday, February 23, 2016

received 2/22/16

An apparent selfie taken at the library with a photobomb from Elder Packer
Elder Garlitz  (window shatterer) 

 Well this week has been kinda odd, i spent a good portion of the week in Corpus Christi, TX on a companion exchange with our Zone Leader, Elder De Piano. We worked in his area for two days did a service project and watched Elder Garlitz(while in the apartment) Proceed to throw a football in between the mattress and footboard from across the room. After succeeding once he proceeded to do it again saying "this is how Peyton Manning plays in his cabin!" after which he threw it, hit the footboard and we watched it sail out the closed window. the window being closed shattered and the ball went outside. So Elder Garlitz had to get that straightened out.

We unfortunately had to drop some of our investigators, some just lost interest, one was just a matter of time for when we had to drop him, 
Saturday we had an emergency meeting in McAllen so we used all of our allotted miles of driving to travel down to McAllen. Elder Lawrence Corbridge of the seventy was there and that was cool, so ya ill post pics and next week ill let you know how things go in Portland.
Till then -Elder HarKer  
a drawing that Jesh has been working on

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