Thursday, June 16, 2016


Well another week in Portland has gone by and its pretty packed with southern food! 
Sunday- we had catfish at the Thompson's. 
Tuesday-craw fish and frog-legs at coordination (fried frog-legs--they were good--tasted like salty fishy chicken)
Wednesday- we didn't have dinner 
Thursday- we had carne asada tacos with the Luna's, 
Friday- was gumbo at home (a member got us a whole bunch of gumbo)
Saturday- more gumbo 
The members down here feed the missionaries extremely well. We have been working really hard with the ward finding less actives and such, visiting active families coordinating and all that.

I don't have much time but I am getting a new military copy of pocket scriptures soon so that will be super awesome and a lot less weight.

'Til next week! -Elder HarKer

the picture is my collection of Tommy Hilfiger Ties--my quorum of the twelve Tommy Hilfigers,
onto the quorum of the seventy now.

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