Monday, June 20, 2016

received 6/20/16

Well i went from Portland to North Padre Island back to Portland this week. with exciting news. Portland is giving the sister missionaries in Weber area the van until further... well ever for now. so we are going to be a bike area! and further news i almost bout broke my big toe when a 10 lb weight fell on it. that was fun. the only bad thing about the week was my foot hurt. but ya not much happened but we did get to help out a sister in the ward who has cancer and that perked up her day! anyways feel free to email id love to hear from yall!

-"Man is nothing, but to God we are Everything" -Unknown at present time, i just heard this quote this week.
Elder Harker and Elder Lopez on exchanges 

Ow!  This is what a 10 pound weight will do to a toe
Member Jeremy Hernandez posted this on Facebook
Elders Moss, Harker, and Madsen

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