Tuesday, January 17, 2017

hello family...super crazy

Hey family so this week has gone by pretty slow. In our small little area we have been grinding door to door all day and nada, but president said this transfer we were going to have to learn to have a great attitude in the midst of opposition. So we have been focusing on that. We don't have much going on and I have like three seconds so I love you all and will let everyone know more in my mass this week...

Well it's been a slow week here, not much going on. I was able to go to get my A1C test done as well as visit Dr. Gibson, we figured that I popped a rib out of place and basically ya I did, I may have cracked it and torn some cartlage as well as hurt my back but it's not that bad. 

I don't have much this week but I do wish to talk a bit about the War chapters of the Book of Mormon, which there are many. I have been studying the book of Alma and specifically about the works of Captain Moroni and the attributes of Christ that he possessed. He was a fantastic military leader not of his strategy not of his boldness, but of his love for his enemies always calling them to repentance rather than to unending bloodshed, he preaches no matter who he fought against and he always focused his men on the Plan of Salvation our Lord has for us, it is such a great example as we are in a time of wars and rumors of wars, and its great for me at least to find the silver lining in the tapestry of war

 well hope yall have a great time till next week
-elder HarKer

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