Monday, May 1, 2017

mass email (received 5/1/17)

Hey everyone so transferes came last night and so I am going to be headed to Pharr/McAllen area tomorrow morning I really didn't have much time to write down what happened this week. mostly a whole lot of appointments falling through, president came to Laredo and showed us all how we should plan in the Texas McAllen mission, I ended the month with 40$ extra due to not eating out, and 20lbs lighter. 

I said goodbye to some of my members(hna. Santos, Hna Ashley Hill, Hno. Acereto, Pres. Lavu Lavu) from my first area last night at a meeting in North Laredo, I'm sad to leave, I heard of Laredo years before I even got my mission call (FYI "The Streets of Laredo" the movie, spot on Laredo is just like it is in the movie just more 2017 and less 1850) Laredo is awesome Crazy, Creepy, and totally unique but awesome. 

but now on to Pharr to an actual ward, with members, food, a truck, and a few people I have already met. I'm pretty excited. Gunna be close to McAllen too. as well this may be my last area i will work in. i have 4 transfers to go:(😭 but ya its gunna be good I got to play conch for the last time gunna leave Laredo with a blast!
​ here's pics of me and Mexico behind me, elder Hernandez and his buddy and the scorpion cube (a mission legend states an electric blue cube goes around with a spoiler on the back with scorpions all over it, I found it, in my area.) ​

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