Monday, May 22, 2017

the last two weeks (received 5/22//17)

so heres  2 weeks ago

Mon- ate macaroni salad for the first time in forever and i still gotta say its really gross! Mayo is gross en general but still really gross.
Tues-Visited the E______ family and Esmeralda our investigator.
Wed-Did Family History with Bro. F______, he talked about the all the scars he has and apparently someone ran him over. couldn't understand if it was on purpose or not. as well we did family history with la familia J_______. 
Thurs-Had lunch with the stake president, visited the Navarro family trying to help the dad to reactivate
Fri- Found the De La Cerda family whos daughter is a less active member, they are cool. helped sis N_____ make a plan to quit smoking
Sat-Did our own fam hist, had a meeting about the wards recent convert temple trip we are trying to plan. and we visited N________ again
Sun got to skype the fam, had a carne asada with the E______ fam.

This last week

Mon- got to go to the Pulga(Flea market) not impressed except they had a bunch fallow deer antlers
Tues- had district meeting with the sisters, helped Bro Flores with his fam. history, visited N________
Wed- spent the day in McAllen, did our own fam hist. visited the G_____ fam and bro G_____ decided its about time to be baptized!
Thursday- pretty much the same as above except we visited the C_______ family who have deactivated, and tried to help them echar las ganas to go back to church
Fri- Visited the A_____ family and had a lesson with the dad hes an old mexican cowboy, and then had a lesson with the Perez family 
Sat-cleaned the churchouse with bishop, visited sis h_________ she fed us carne asada tacos soooo good but sooooo much fat. especially when she sells it by the gallon for 75 cents at her store. set a baptismal date and marriage date with the E______ family finally
Sun- was in meetings all day, visited the E_______ and the R______ family who weren't at church.

Sorry if its not a whole lot of info i have not much time to write on mondays but im putting my best efforts forward.
hope yall have a great week

 when you texas truck is so lifted its taller than your house
spanish street signs
carne asada and topo sabores soda
my new planner cover, just needs color

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