Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mass email (received 5/30)

Hey y'all don't have much time we got district meeting with the sisters and then exchanges with the Zone leaders for the next three days so cutting things short. 
Mon- found out a tornado went through Laredo, the coolest past was that there was a lot of "destruccion" from what the person said. Pres. Torres had everyone in Laredo inside from mon and tues. 
Tues- had zone conference, visited a member and she killed one of her chickens to bake for us. rode bikes around, got chased by a pack of dogs. visited some potential investigators the V_____ family 
Wed- had district meeting, visited a former and taught the family the restoration. visited the C_____ family.  lots of things fell through.
Thurs- better today, stuff kept falling through. tried to find new people to teach just talking with everyone(sooo hard to do in English much less Spanish) and found out when we had to pick up something from the store that missionaries can't talk to people at the store so they kicked us out before we could get anything. after that the day all fell into place and ended up good. rode in a members mustang.
Fri- the day was one of the hardest in my mission not an single thing was able to be scheduled. lots of trying to find people to talk to
Sat- got ready for a talk I was assigned to give on Sunday, visited Giovanni and his grandma they were a referral, helped the R____ family with fam hist. talk to a drunk dude who had half his hand falling off. he cussed us out in Spanish. then we talked to some white people(so weird) and then a lesbian couple. that was a weird 20 minutes. 
Sun- gave my talk on keeping the Sabbath day holy and then after church we went to the C________ house. they made us carne asada for memorial day
Yesterday, so we were cleaning the apt and found baking soda and vinegar, decided to put the vinegar into saran wrap and put the packet into a Powerade bottle to see if it would explode the cap off. the delayed reaction did, and shot out of Fielden's hands and sprayed his face and torso with vinegar foam. so we did it again, but this time the reaction was really delayed so we put it on the counter, left to the store and came back and realized the whole house reeked of vinegar and we were like wow that stuff is strong them we realized there was a large spray mark on the ceiling above the counter. and so basically sometime while we were gone the reaction went and the bottle expanded so much the bottom gave way creating a baking soda powered rocket which sprayed everything in a 10 ft radius and send the bottle crashing into the ceiling. so that was a fun experience as well  as we went to Edinburg to my old area yesterday. 

us and the sisters with district hats​
Sis Schickendanz, Horgesheimer, Elder Harker and Fielden

Elder Fielden and Elder Harker

"Heaven will not be heavenly, for those who have not chosen to BE heavenly"
- Prof. Brad Wilcox

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