Monday, October 31, 2016

received October 31, 2016

Hello everyone, im a little short on time so heres a quick runthough of the week so far.

Elder Harker
Weekly highlights
La Familia Perales
so we found a less active family and they said no missionaries, nobody had been by in TWO years, so we have been teaching them and yesterday they were at Church!!!!
Conferencia de Zona 
Pres decided to take us into doctrine with some unteachable content, he went hard on about physical transfiguration to endure the presence of God and how the world was prepared for the Restauracion. 
dinner with the Alvarado family
Bro Alvarado made us Mexican enchiladas, VERY SPICY we got a little sick from them. 
Y Si Nos Toca Morir
the ward had an FHE and watched a movie about Poncho villa and the Mormon colonies of the church in mexico, it was old, all the guns in the movie were Mosin Nagants mk 18/91 
Sis. Castros Bday
We all went to Taco Palenque, my favorite, for el lonche
got lost
at the top part of our area we were searching for an inactive and found ourselves in the middle of an orchard. 
Celestial P-day
return home at 6pm

and i wish there was more info its just been really slow, its picked up a little but ya..
Elder Harker voting for the first time

Elder Harker and Elders Peacock

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Elder Widmer and Elder Harker

Elder Harker's work station

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