Friday, October 14, 2016

Hola Todos!!!! (received 10/10/16)

So this week was fun 

Transfers entonces transfers came and eElder McLaughlin is now a Zone Leader in South Laredo
New Comp. i am now with Elder Widmer from Orem, Utah
Mission Tour This Thursday we have a special General Authority (with a German Accent) coming to the mission!
Familia Elizondo  Elder Torres y his greenie E. Gelalich found la famila Elizondo-Lumbreras for us and they are awesome and want to learn a lot! but the didn't come to church which was frustrating.
FOOOd well Saturday night the DelAngel family took us to "Comales" a mexican restuarante y we ate a ton. literally a ton of food. and took more home. they just put the food in front of us. they know the owner and get a hefty discount

So everyone I've been super busy that last few weeks with computer stuff I had to get done. Anyways Transfers came and went and so did my comp. Elder McLaughlin he is now a zone leader in Laredo South. 

My new comp is Elder Widmer from Orem, Utah. and we have been reorganizing our entire area! getting all the info down and getting rid of all the out of date info. and since I still don't have much time i will leave one small thing with you. 

Mosiah 8:18
 Always remember, We all have a purpose, and that our smallest actions can bring about the greatest miracles.
 18 Thus God has provided means that man, through faith, might work mighty miracles; therefore he 
becometh great benefit to his fellow beings.

until next week everyone!

here's some pics we took this last week at a restuarante "Comales" 

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