Monday, October 3, 2016

received October 3

a member texted me this pic last week,
Elder Harker and comp were spending time
playing with the kids during FHE
(family home evening)
No mass email again this week:

hello family! hows it going!! its going great-- super busy cause transfers are tomorrow and Elder McLaughlin is getting transferred! I'm staying. (in Edinburg)

The week was rather slow, I went on an exchange with Elder Peacock in his area, but here are some highlights
General Conference  -don't need to say much about it other than before hand we ate Tacos de Barbaquoa (ground up cow tongue) it was rather VERY tasty.  and for Sunday afternoon session we were able to spend it with the Reyes and Palacios family!

Winter Setting In -our week was very nice and cool, a 90 degree cold front yay!!!

Magic cards - my old comp E. Packer is going home as well as his old comp E. Parisi who gave me and McLaughlin over $100 in "Magic cards"


Mo le  -the most interesting food ever straight from Monterrey, Mexico we ate Chicken stewed in a mix of chocolate and peanut butter with cinnamon spice.  

Last week Elder Harker sent a blurry version of this picture.
(See previous post.)
Elder Mclaughlin's father posted this picture
on Facebook so I stole it. ;)

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