Thursday, December 24, 2015

McAllen Mission Christmas Party

The entire Texas McAllen mission gathered in McAllen in Tuesday to celebrate Christmas. The missionaries were able to sing songs, eat dinner, enjoy skits, and open gifts. 
Sister Maluenda, The Mission President's wife, has a FB page set up for the mission and shared pics. Additionally, there were some members in attendance that shared pics on the McAllen Mom page. 
The whole group shot he is front and center. At the table he is wearing his suit coat and behind the string. 

Apparently, when you get this many people in a gets a little crazzzzzzy. 

The other day Jesh and some of the other Laredo missionaries went caroling with a family. 

We are pretty excited for tomorrow!  We get to talk to/see Elder Harker!!!  He will be skyping in the morning! Hope the technology on both ends works out for us. !!!! 

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