Monday, December 21, 2015

November pics 2

Email sent 11/24
Today was our email day since we have a service project on Thanksgiving. I got my black eye cause the ball we were playing with during a break went into a dark class room and when I bent down to pick it up a chair/desk mutant got in the way. It is about healed now though so no big deal. I got a cold though and it ain't fun. I just discovered that our room had a thermostat. and I'm right by the vent which keeps the room at 67degrees. so I'm usually kind of cold. thanks for the box but i got plenty of diabetes supplies. imma send the box and supplies down to McAllen once december hits. i got some acorns for dad. thanks for my checking account and the mp3 i dont usually spend money here except for maybe pencils and stuff and detergent. 

life is good. The food is the BYU cafeteria food so its okay but it ain't your cooking. every so often we get papa johns pizza and chic-fillet and we can have pop or milk or juice so its pretty good. a lot of people complain but i thinks its way better than a lot of stuff we will see out there. 

But ya send pics. I miss you all. I wish I could send more letters but time is very limited here and even though we always in class we are pretty much piled with language study and planning to teach our investigators. I hope you get my letters. I met a cool missionary the other day who left yesterday and I'll upload a picture of me and him if i can. I traded a tie for a cool plaid one. Trading ties is a big thing. 

Our Techers are Ha. Lamb  and she served in Chile, Ho. Draut who served in Argentina. and a half way teacher from argentina who was our first "investigator" who is Ho. Figueroa. Spanish is going well we are learning with all Argentinian dialect so a little bit is different but we will be usually speaking spanglish. Our teacher sometimes uses a magic box she can find information on. with a touch of a finger she can summon a strange being called "Siri" and find the translations to odd words in Spanish. We tried to do that with our books but to no avail. 

I got promoted to senior companion in our trio for two weeks. Working out everyday on lifting machines is fun. and sorry in advance for the bad grammar and spelling I'm trying to hurry. Send me letters I want to hear from EVERYONE. but ya its all good here. letters are on the way. although the fries here are like the plants from the "Odyssey" and you forget everything hen you eat them. we all joke around how this place is like prison but we pay to be here, we get to go to the temple, we get no visitations, and the security is less mean. haha but ya everything is good here.

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