Monday, December 21, 2015

sent Dec 10

This week was pretty good, its our final week here. everyone is gettin itchy to leave. most everyone else is going to buenos aires Argentina and they are all super excited and a little scared because Argentina can be fairly iffy.

 I have just recently read in the Book of Mormon(3Nephi 11) about Christ visiting the Americas and showing himself unto the Nephites and Lamanites, He declared that they were his "other sheep" and He told of his fulfillment of the law of Moses and the organization of his Church. I continued to read untill hundreds of years after the Saviours ministry among the Nephites and Lamanites. I have now gotten into the book of Ether into the account of the Jaredites and their flee from the Tower of Babel. 

Get to read a lot more here soon. Spanish is coming along well, conjugations and indirect object pronouns are super tough though. From what everybody says it sounds like im going straight into Mexico which from how all the mexicans at school talk i wont understand any of them. oh well, gotta get ready to pack and finish my laundry so everyone have a great week! 
Elder Harker and Elder Gold

oh i forgot we got a new Elder in our room! Elder Gold from somewhere near SLC. he just switched rooms with us and was assigned Elder Stewart as his companion. 

Elder Harker with Elder Inman of Florida

gunna be headin out tomorrow at 4:30am may not be able to call idk but if i can i will. hope ya got the box. send me some more gum if you can the blue peppermint kind like the empty one i sent in the box. miss you all gunna try and upload pics. one is when we tucked Elder Burgess into be. one is of our district and one is of my account in the book of Ishom

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